Sometimes you need to push yourself up because It’s the only way to learn how to servive.

Outside at night,
wondering inside this
moon light

searching my mind,
finding some way to
light my mind

wondering all night,
seeking something
my mind still can’t find

hearing night sounds
buzzing noises of nature
coming out from all side’s

it feels so nice,
watching lonely moon
up again into the
deep blue sky

this reminds me,
to be strong and blessed
you don’t need anyone
but you to be by your side.


Bad politics is everywhere around the world and in Bengal (India) it’s worse than you can even imagine… you can say they have crossed the limits of their sin’s.

There is no hope
life is like a shiti dope

hatred injected by
the society

innocent surely had
no scope

legend vanished from
their mind

like memory of them
is no more

their hero’s are
some war dog’s

who left their families
when there was no hope

truly they did this
for the right cause,

but lesson learnt
by others is different
from what they told

perhaps their mind’s
are controlled by
those power-sucking

known as
the politician of
this known world.


Sometimes life is to revolve around one thing, you try to run away.

Mind is un-quite
life is not right

speaking of some fight,
heart is still bleeding
It’s just not alright

waking me up,
It’s not a dream
of some night

It’s my life that
might be loosing
it’s sight

but that’s just alright

sometimes desires are
much bigger than
someone’s whole life.


Just something about my mind wondering around in middle of this night.

Times are not right
life is not bright

thundering clouds over
the moon light

mind is bound
to some unseen thoughts
that I can’t confront
before my naked eyes

night is gloomy as
the moon just died

It’s hard to see
in this dim moonlight

still wandering around like
a ghost walks at midnight

confronting my thoughts
inside my head

trying hard to write
what’s up there inside my god-damned mind.


Just some another lines coming out of my crazy mind.

The feelings are really high
moon appears bright in the sky

roaming around walking
under this moon light

mind is full of messed up things
still trying hard reason to find

asking myself one thing
why am i still alive

Perhaps someone has already
written my story, that I live
day and night

but that’s not the answer,
it’s just another delusion
created by my crazy mind

I’ll write my own story
someday, but I need
God to always stand by my side.


Don’t think what other say, just live your life minding your own way.

That’s a lie,
that’s not true

life is not hard
you just need to look

angel’s are watching
above from the sky
every single step
you ever took

don’t be afraid
back is where you
should never look

moving forward is
the one and only
option meant for
you to took

don’t loose your hope
you just need
one thing to understood

God is always their
by your side
just figure out
where you have to look.


Some thoughts of mine in this beautiful full moon night.

This is about the
full moon night

feelings are flowing
like a river in my mind

heart is beating
so fast like a bullet
stucked somewhere inside

searched my mind
so far still no memory
of that particular kind

It’s just my peaceful life
lost somewhere, still
hard to find

thinking uncertain things
may be I’m out
of my mind

night has just begun
my friend wait till
it comes midnight.


Naaaaa, I’m just high.😁

At the time of night
my soul craves to
get outside

roaming alone in
this full moonlight

feels so calm and peaceful
at the same time

emotions are flowing
like this cool breeze
passing by my side

mind is struggling
to focus on something
that my soul can’t hide

heart is beating
just to make sure
my body works alright

brain is still thinking
some way to create
a brand new rhyme

but that’s just alright,
it means my weed is baking
my mind the way I want
all the time.


Sometimes the pain we accept is the pain which makes us feel free...

Mind is depressed
feelings still suppressed

love is out of range
life looks like
in some open cage

devolving inside with
this freaking rage

heart is bleeding
without any sign
of blood on my smiling face

I’m not judging myself
may be It’s just
the life’s faaze

their are too many
other’s out their with
different lifestyle but with
the same painful case.


Trying to understand my life.

Its just not right
life is not a fight

running into this
day light

I sense something
that I always
need to find

heart is empty
It’s nothing really inside

pain is gone
like some storm of

memories are vanished
like some fog of
cold nights

mind is stunned
by this faze of
my life.

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