Remembering the dream

trying to find out quean

hustled like a pro

i am telling you this little bro

watching stars all night

thinking about what’s next to find

dreaming all day/night

do i gona get what i always desire

but that is called life

you will find your destine

at the edge of your comfort line

just break that habbit tonight

rise like a sun

and fight back for your pride

never judge someone

with your nacked eye

don’t get so blind

think about those

who don’t give up on your life

doesn’t matter if someone

leaves you behind

you have to get real

and handle your responsibility

like a responsable knight

hopefully you will get

what you have desired

just don’t rush

never drop your hope

like a falling kight

its time conquer those dreams

and lead everyone to a better life.


This is all what i fell but can’t say so i write it down and just trying to tell you in my way

Its not about wrong or write

this is just about doing thing’s

my mind always find,

never ment to broke someone’s heart

never gona apologies or cry

just wana reveal myself

never wana lie,

in the process of getting rich

i am just gona die

but don’t you forget to try

trying hard is one and only condition

which god always like,

never forget your past

just put your steps

before the wall of your pride

focus only on one thing

that you always desire,

remember the lessons

and walk towards life

doesn’t matter its dark or light

there was always life

in both aspects of life,

feel the energy

that’s already inside

in the end just don’t get frustrated my friend

angels are always ment to be up alone into the deep blue sky.


Love is getting old

Lust is getting sold

jumped from the cliff

got little bored

dealing with my own shit

lost my soul a bit

struggling with my own fucking guilt

sometimes i do sin’s

so i can’t confess those things

hearing same dirty myths

got older and confronted

same bad sins

never been into the pit

watched them and learned

how to deal with bad time and things

its time to think

when to fear them

and when to blend in

dream big,let world know

what you believe in

be positive,do good deeds

left your negativity behind

force yourself to be a good being!



Know the time will come

just like the day i began

living life like a mystery

i forgot my own history

smoking all day herbs

thinking about never giving up

charging myself day and night

reading books which relates my life

searching alone into those wood’s

i found my own life purpose

now i have to go quite

just gona write

what comes next in my mind

sleeping all day/night

never gona get

what i desire

leading me straight to the hell

i am gona ruin me and myself

but if that’s what i desire

let’s face the truth

that in the end

we all might not survive

so be the person

you always wana find

just believe what’s already

there inside your mind

god loves our kind

so he will never ruin inosent’s life

that’s the only reason

i believed in myself

so now i know

what i really have to find!



someday it will be rain

someday sun would be worm

Someday it could be dark

but don’t you lose your faith my friend because someday it would be our day

and that day we will laugh by remembering our present day

this is our destiny

this is our faith

so we have to live this like a fortune

and just relay

we have to laugh

we have to cry

we have to play our role until the day we die

so someday someone will tell our story to the known world and that day our soul’s will cry

our tears would be like drops of the rain

and that day another new soul would born and will write his story in his own way!

Deep inside my thoughts

I am just lost inside my mind

shadow’s of past makes me cry

dream’s fades away like a smoke of night

but my ambitions are still high and silly people think that i lost my mind

not to worry what I’ve lost in past

just stayed faithful to my own positive thoughts

thinked twice whenever i shout arrows of my words because my words are the only thing that makes me different from the known world,

just being quite when i don’t wana talk

its time to be alive and hope for the free world.

believer’s eye

Let’s see inside those deep black eyes

springs over the rainy sky

tides over the seas where thundering clouds makes sun blind

fog over the shores at night

just like sky wants to meet our earth at night but still they can’t collide,

snow starts to fall at the end of the Christmas night

a white sheet is going to cover all the forest till it dies

days are going to frost like a frozen river

rivers would look like a reflected mirror

sun shines like a heeling ball and tempted to heel this world by its glow and charm,

so its time to believe in your thoughts

trust is like a river which never stops

just like people are going to believe what they have been taught

so don’t you try to blend in my friend because you are one and only master piece of that unknown god.

Just don’t cry

If i die don’t cry

just go under the clear sky

see upward then smile and keep your chin high but just don’t cry

If sky is cloudy then just pray in your mind

sun will rise again and will be so bright

you will see a big light once again up in the sky

you will smile again and will forget to cry

you will face the truth and bitterness of the life but don’t you forget to stand tall and keep fighting for your pride,

because that is what you believe in and is worth for diying

try hard to get upabove into that deep blue sky but if you still can’t fly

don’t get to upset my friend all that is called life.

Finding my way

Never timed a day

memories faded away

moaned liked a child

just wana die today

chilling in those summer’s

winter’s sitting along fire all day

thinking about future present faded away

never thought of time no one comes in my way

just like time i will fade away

searching about someway to take me alone far away

remembering all my lies I’ll cry one day

but that day is too far from my present day

so i made a choice to take all my pain go away

just like twinkling star’s I’ll shine oneday

from now on I’ll choose to live in a positive way

i will find my destination by living my life in my on way

because that’s also my gods way telling me to live for the moment and don’t think about your diying day.

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